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Industrial Design.  I see the design elements everywhere and while I love them, most the time I think it’s just not the right style for most single family homes.  If I had a loft downtown or even if I could design and build my own modern home then I would be all over it.  My typical, cookie-cutter home, just doesn’t lend itself to industrial elements for the most part.  It’s made me sad to miss out on such a unique and fresh style.  That’s why I became so ecstatic when I stumbled upon this lovely piece made by JReal on Etsy.   It’s definitely industrial yet at the same time it seems to have some traditional lines which is why it can transcend into my cookie cutter traditional home.  At first you may suffer a little sticker shock like I did but then you will realize that whether you buy from a major manufacturer or from Etsy, you are going to be short about the same amount of money then hopefully you will vote Handmade.

Spring... Wedding Season... one in the same right?  I've already been to one wedding, have another in a few weeks and know of at least one more engagement on the way.  So maybe that's whats got me surfing the internet for all things white and dazzling.  Anyways,  I found these headbands that I am loving with everything in me. Some of them seem to be a wee bit high priced but I imagine there's a quality difference there too.  The ones featured below are by UntamedPetals and AmieNoelDesigns.

I've been doing alot of things lately that have been prompted by the warm weather and the coming of spring. I find myself suddenly reading about flowers and gardening and studying the appropriate species and planting time periods. I'm also eyeing my surroundings with a new eye of criticism.  Contemplating which items are worth keeping and whats better off finding a home elsewhere.  Spring does that to you... makes you want to be outside and see the beauty and also to make a bit of a fresh start.  Maybe thats why I'm so attracted to this lovely Etsy peice.  It's versatile for one yet it also speaks to my new interest in gardening, organization, and even just being outside to enjoy the weather.  FrickandFrackScraps calls this a European style picnic tote but its clear that it can be so much more.  Maybe its a flower pot, or a darling storage container on your kitchen cabinet, or maybe if the weathers just right it really is a picnic tote. Whatever it is though, its absolutely wonderful and worth every penny.


I grew up a bit of a snob in some regards. My mom was an excellent seamstress and so we had custom everything we could ever want. We never bought Halloween costumes, or matching mother-daughter outfits, or bed spreads and curtains.  She made it all and I LOVED it.  It also made me look down a little on anything mass produced and store bought.  Unfortunately, I am not the seamstress my mother is and I am forced to buy the mass produced home decor most of the time.   That's UNTIL I found this wonderful Etsy seller!  LovelyHomeIdea makes custom bead spreads, curtains, and just about everything else.  This shop is definitely one of my favorites.


I always like to have a bigger, more “out there” purse when the weather starts to warm up.  Cold weather outfits can be accessorized with everything from jewelry to scarves and fun jackets but warm weather is more limiting.  In Texas there are days when I don’t even want to wear a necklace or earrings because even THOSE will sweat to you.  My normal solution to this is a really fun and unique purse and CamillaCotton is looking like my winner for this year.  If only I can figure out how to choose!!

BlueBirdHeaven has been a long time favorite seller of mine of Etsy and I only felt it right to feature the shop this week as I focus on spring cleaning and organization.  There are very few women in the world who are satisfied with the organization of their jewelry and I am most certainly not one.  My jewelry box, while quite darling, is completely overflowing with jewelry from every drawer and every hook.  Naturally, I can't ever find anything I am looking for and routinely think I have lost somthing until weeks later I find it in my jewelry box.  The organizer below is a gift from God in my oppinion.  I just can't wait until I can buy one.

I found these wonderful bangles, made by Bullfinchbarbury, and am totally obsessed.  I haven't had a specific "Easter dress" in forever, but these bangles are so cute that they make me want to go buy a new dress just to be their perfect compliment!  Tell me what you think!

It may still be a ways off from Memorial Day but I just could not pass up sharing these beautiful white shoe clips.  They would be perfect for a wedding or even just to church and are just so springy.  They are offered on Etsy by Finkshop for only $22!

Mosquitoes!! I know they are coming soon and I'm already dreading them.  I can't wait to eat dinner out on my patio and hopefully, with these awesome citronella candles, I can avoid the mosquitoes too!  Sold by SandyCreekSoap.

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